2020 on track to be the warmest on record

On the 20th of September I reckon that the mean temperature since the beginning of 2020 in central England is provisionally 11.71°C which is 1.56°C above the 1961-1990 LTA. That makes it the warmest year to this point since the start of the daily central temperature series in 1772, and very likely the warmest in the monthly series since 1659. The warmest complete year at present is 2014, with a mean temperature of 10.95°C. Don’t let the temperature for 2020 in the right hand table of 10.6°C confuse you, that’s the adjusted mean temperature in which I fill in missing values for the next three months with the LTA before calculating an annual mean. Of course this year might end up with the last three months being close to average, in which case that ranking of #8 may be a more accurate prediction. Time will tell.

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