April 2021 – Coldest since 1986

April 2021 with a mean temperature of 6.42°C was the coldest April since 1986 in Central England, with a mean anomaly of -1.47°C that made it the 24th coldest April since 1772. The mean minimum anomaly for April was much lower at -2.93°C. That was mainly due to the constant supply of Arctic air, clear skies and the anticyclonic nature of the month which helped make the mean minimum just 1.03°C, and the coldest in the daily series which started in 1878. Climate attributionists have already explained that this was probably due to man made global warming and we can expect many more Aprils like that to come in the years to come.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the provisional totals tweaked around as much by the Met Office as April’s values were this morning, so much so that they revealed that the 7th, 12th and 13th of the month were new daily minimum extremes. The top chart shows the provisional values and the lower chart the finalised values. I can’t understand how they differ so much when basically it’s the mean of three extreme temperatures they collect every 12 hours. Perhaps they missed the reported 21-09 minimum and had to use the 18-06. If they released the NCM data for all three sites then we could calculate the CET value for ourselves and see what they get up to.


I have corrected the headline for this story. I mistakenly thought that April 2021 had been the coldest since 1922, when in fact I had forgotten about the very cold April of 1986. Apologies for that, but that incorrect headline seemed to have create a surge of people visiting the site so if you’re a first time viewer why not subscribe while you’re at it! I think I should start making more mistakes like that in the future just to bolster my visitor count – who knows it could be a very cold May this year!

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