Extreme Aprils in central England

Central England Temperatures

Extreme Aprils

The coldest April in recent memory was the April of 1986. The mean temperature for April that year was only 5.76°C, which was 2.12°C below the 1961-1990 LTA, and made it the tenth coldest April in the monthly series that started in 1659. Apart from 1986, no other April in the last 70 years appears in the top forty rankings. Warm Aprils on the other hand are a completely different matter, and nine of the years ranked in the forty occurred in this millenium. The warmest of those, infact the warmest of all Aprils occurred in 2011. The mean maximum temperature was an exceptionally high 17.1°C and was 5.28°C above the LTA for the month, making 2011 the warmest April by a considerable margin.

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