Frequency of warm and cold days

I was looking for some evidence of how the frequency of cold and warm days has changed in the Central England series and came up with these tables and bar charts as a good way of displaying the changes since 1772. The application works not only on the daily mean series that started in 1772, but the daily maximum and minimum series that started in 1878 as well. I set the anomaly threshold to produce these charts at +/- 5°C to decide on which was a cold or a warm day. As you can see from the charts the number of warm days has increased by a fairly respectable 9.1 days during that time, whilst at the same time the number of cold days has decreased by a massive 17.1 days. So the average at the moment for any year using this linear trend as a guide is that we now see around 6 cold days and 16 warm days each year compared with around 24 cold days and 7 warm days back in 1772.

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