The addition of a new interactive moving average graph

I have added another new interactive graph of moving averages of monthly CET data to the website. Initially it defaults to displaying a 13 month for the last 30 years in the upper line graph, and in the lower graph a bar chart of monthly anomalies. I have struggled to add a linear trend to the upper graph dynamically, and I may have to pre-calculate them and include them in the data file of CET monthly data to enable this. You can select to display either mean temperatures or anomalies, and choose to select different periods for the moving average, but be warned the 20 and 30 year periods can be slow.
I particularly like this way of looking at the CET series, and think that this method provides the best way of removing the seasonality and revealing any underlying trends in the series. You can find the interactive version of the graph under the ‘monthly’ main menu option.

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