The glorious 12th – hottest day in central England

The 12th of August provisionally the warmest by day and by night

Maximum temperatures on the12th of August 1878-2020

The glorious 12th of August was provisionally the warmest for that day in the daily record that started in 1878, and beat the previous record for that day that was set way back in 1953 by 1.1°C. The current heatwave has been centred too far south to be picked up by the central temperature series, but in the last few days the heat has crept a little further north and yesterday was registered by all three sites that make up the composite temperature. August the 12th also provisionally broke the highest minimum record with a minimum of 17.4°C which broke the existing record set in the hot August of 2003 by 0.3°C.

Minimum temperatures on the12th of August 1878-2020
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